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[RESOLVED]Login issues

We are currently aware of a login issue which may be affecting some users experiencing timeout errors when trying to login or connect to their webmail.


UPDATE 15:33pm: The issue appears to be with our loadbalancing layer on one of our servers, and our engineers are working to pin down the problem.

UPDATE 15:55pm: Issue is specifically with Webmail SSL/HTTPS logins. We are working to allow 'normal' logins now.

UPDATE 16:04pm: Standard webmail service has been restored. We are investigating the issues with HTTPS webmail.

UPDATE 16:20pm: Issue on HTTPS webmail has been ID'ed. A central server was causing a logging bottle neck on the HTTPS load balancers.

UDATE 16:26pm: We are now in a provisional recovery (HTTPS working) but are not quite ready to confirm resolved. Checking systems over.

UPDATE 17:14pm: Service appears stable, we are currently monitoring to ensure the issue is completely resolved.

Originally Written: 20-Jul-2015 15:01, Last Updated: 20-Jul-2015 17:33

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