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Service outage [Resolved]

[0730] We are investigating an issue with the service that is causing problems with login. Please bear with us. Next update around 0815. 

[0810] This is an usual failure mode. Every server is responsive so there may be some inter-server communications issue. Please bear with us whilst we continue. Next update around 0830. 

[0830] We think we've narrowed down the issue. We have decided to investigate further as it is still relatively early on a Sunday morning so will try to gather as much information as possible before restarting the culprit servers. We have the whole server team up and on this now. Next update by 0900.  

[0900] Service is coming back online now. We should have everything restored in the next 10-15 minutes. Will update again at 0915. Thanks for your patience everyone. 

[0915] Going to need a few more minutes to get the mail access servers reconnected to the stores. Will update again in 5-10 minutes. 

[0927] Service is back online and stabilising. It may take a few minutes to get back to fully normal but you should be able to log in now. Thanks for bearing with us whilst we investigated this problem. We've managed to gather some useful data from the failure. 

Originally Written: 29-Jul-2012 07:53, Last Updated: 06-Nov-2014 12:29

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